The most trusted patient education platform

Keeping patients informed is one of the most crucial yet time-consuming aspects of being a healthcare provider. With our patient education platform, HCPs can share clinically-vetted, in-depth educational video content with patients while saving time.


“Customized Netflix for health”

Giving patients a credible, comprehensive resource to learn and answer questions can save clinicians’ time, improve patient satisfaction, and even improve patient compliance. MedicalVisual makes it easy to let your patients browse (or binge!) curated videos and playlists about their conditions and updated treatments on a trusted, quality platform.

Easy for clinicians and provider systems to integrate

Every HCP has unique needs and challenges. That’s why MedicalVisual provides easy-to-use, engaging, customizable patient education solution. MedicalVisual works as a take-home or in-clinic education tool, and patients have the choice between learning at their own pace from the comfort of home or getting quick, detailed answers to questions without having to leave the clinic.


MedicalVisual content is accessible by patients via laptop, tablet, or smartphone from any location and is easily integrated into a medical office through collaterals (QR posters or handouts, links, EMR codes, or iPADs/TVs)

Curated video playlists
Clinician-created content
New product information from medical industry
Engagement tools for patients

How it works

MedicalVisual offers an out-of-the-box and custom patient education tools for HCPs. Here’s how it works:

We provide collateral to make it easy to share content with patients


HCPs point patients to the relevant content via a QR code or link

icon-video-playlists (2)

The patient is taken directly to the most up-to-date, relevant health information, which they can watch in-clinic or at home.

Enhance Your Patient Education – While Saving Time

Whether you want an out-of-the-box patient education tool or a fully customized, branded patient education experience, MedicalVisual can get you set up in just a few days.